NOWAR security equipment GmbH
Bielsteiner Straße 69
D-51674 Wiehl

Telefon:     +49 2262 68081
Telefax:     +49 2262 2494

Email:       info@nowar.de


NOWAR® security equipment GmbH – Germany was established in 1992. Core principle of the company is the development, production and sale of equipment to Police, Justice, Army and private Security Firms at home and abroad. In the meantime aid organisations, such as Fire Brigades, Red Cross, THW (Technical Aid Organisation) and DLRG (German Lifeguard Association) are counted among our customers. The founders of NOWAR® can reflect upon know-how in this range for more than 20 years. NOWAR® products are sold to many countries in the world.

  The products produced by NOWAR® are registered under the trademark NOWAR®. The range of products contains holsters for pistols, lights, handcuffs and numerous other equipment units, all manufactured relating on practice, made of leather as per general technical specifications or of high-quality Nylon-cloth, partly flame-resistant. Tactical vests and overalls, special equipment for special troupes as well as body protection and police helmets are also self-made.

NOWAR® also deals with goods of other manufacturers. This selection is based on quality and self-made experiences. If the decision for a product is taken, the priority is given to suppliers’ loyalty. Therefore, we are in a position to offer nearly everything which the modern security forces of 21st century need. If your are interested in getting an idea of our range of products, please click – catalogue (see below).